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Lots of people including diplomats after serving their time in japan dream of buying good cars in japan but have to compromise on them because of the high price and lack of availability. If you are frustrated with the lack of options you can easily look at auction cars for sale and how they can be exported to your country of destination through our dedicated online site. Such sites can help you save a lot of hassles on your car purchase. The manner in which such cars are sold is through the auction that allows you to have a more flexible purchase scheme. You just need to select your desired car model from the large inventory of cars and customize it to your liking.

CBJ Inc.

We can export to countries around the world.


CBJ Inc.

About Campany
Company Name CBJ Inc.
Address Simonoda254, Shiraoka-shi, Saitama, 349-0200, Japan
Tel +819098081524
Fax +81480449676
Ceo Charles Boateng / Daniel Mennds
Description of Business Import / Export / Auction