Import / Export | Auto export and car shipping from japan


When deliver safely cargo to overseas from Japan, we must firmly grasp the situation of export destination countries and regions.
On the basis of the latest international situation, a wide range of support, do the safe and secure export business.

Shipping Services

When you import and export cargo, it is a warehouse that becomes necessary.
Warehouse definitive and safely store is indispensable in logistics operations.
The Company, storage of import and export cargo, of course, while the variety of work done skilled staff deftly, tightly manage your precious cargo.
Import and export business as well, please leave it to us also warehousing.

Ocean Transportation

To carry a container that has been transported by sea to the destination of the mainland is, you must keep in familiar, such as in the transport route on land.
To take advantage of the delivery base of enhancement had advanced equipment, we offer a safe, reliable and affordable maritime container land transport.
When having problems with your container of transport, please consult us.

Import Process

When you import goods to Japan from abroad, by the contents of the cargo, it must clear a variety of tests and procedures.
Customs and other import-related various procedures from the storage of general import cargo.
From the ship wholesale to delivery, it is possible to respond quickly and attentive.